About Me :)

My name is Heena, a Hindu Rajput who resides in Pune in the state of Maharashtra.
I was born and brought-up in Dewas, M.P.  I shifted to Pune for higher studies. 
I am a B.Com. Graduate and have also done basic 3-D Animation. I have a fair hand in drawing and sketching and my major interest is in confectionery. In 2011 I got married to the love of my life Vishal.

The Baking Bud is a cooking and baking blog, recording my kitchen experiments because I spend most of my free time searching, exploring and trying out new recipes. I love food-photography, so I bake and cook a lot of stuff to practice my photography skill. 

I didn’t start baking until I got married. Embolden by my very encouraging husband- Vishal, I started to take baking seriously and started learning it from experienced people.
I love experimenting with new recipes and baking for my hubby, as he is a foodie and has a lot of knowledge about food. He keeps me motivated and helps me keep my baking spirit high!

It wasn’t until the year 2012 that it became clear to me that, I could turn something I am deeply passionate about into a career. I am currently doing courses in baking and dessert making.

I can proudly say that it’s the best decision I have ever made in my life, only second to marrying Vishal!

By nature I am an introvert, self-assertive, atheist, music fanatic, cleanliness freak, love reading, a dog lover (GSD <3). I love making new friends…

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Purbasha says:

    🙂 I am looking forward to the baking ideas <3


  2. Heena says:

    sure dea… keep visiting <3


  3. deeps says:

    sounds like a great start here…
    keep going..

    just stopped by


  4. Heena says:

    thanx a lot 😀
    keep visiting 🙂


  5. Jenny says:

    Excellent!! Have A great move dear!! 🙂


  6. Heena says:

    Thanx a lot Jenny… 😀


  7. Heena says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.


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