Devilish Chocolate Roulade

As the name suggests, this chocolate roulade is a sinful indulgence.

Its a double dose of dark chocolate, as the sponge as well as the filling both are made of dark chocolate.
Its one of my husbands favorite and is a must try!
Devilish Chocolate Roulade
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Ingredients :                                    

                                                        SERVES 6-8

   175g dark chocolate, chopped into small pieces
   4 eggs, separated
   115g/1/2 cup caster sugar
   cocoa powder for dusting
   chocolate-dipped oranges to decorate
For the filling
   225g dark chocolate, chopped into small pieces
   20ml/1+1/2tbsp coffee liqueur 
   2 eggs, separated 


Step:1  Preheat the oven to 180°C. Grease and line a 33*23cm/13*19in Swiss roll tin.
Step:2  Melt the chocolate.
Step:3  Whisk the egg yolks and caster sugar in a bowl, until pale and thick, then stir in the melted chocolate.
Step:4  Take the egg whites in another bowl and whisk to soft peaks.
Step:5  Fold the whisked egg whites lightly into the egg yolk and chocolate mixture.
Step:6  Pour the entire mixture into the tin and spread it nicely to the corners.
Step:7  Bake for 15-20 minutes, until well-risen and firm to the touch.
Step:8  Cut out a butter-paper bigger than the Swiss roll tin and dust it with cocoa powder.
Step:9  When the sponge is baked, turn it out on to the dusted butter-paper, cover with a clean dishtowel and leave to cool.
Step:10 Make the filling – Melt the chocolate with the coffee liqueur. Beat the egg yolks together and then beat in the melted chocolate. Beat the egg whites to soft peaks, separately. Fold in lightly the whisked egg yolks into the egg-yolk and chocolate mixture.
Step:11 Uncover the roulade and remove the butter-paper. Spread the chocolate mixture over the top, then roll up carefully.
Step:12 Transfer to a serving plate and decorate with some fresh chocolate-dipped oranges. Drizzle some chocolate sauce over the roulade.

Roulades are based on a whisked egg mixture and contain very little or no flour, and are moister and softer than Swiss rolls. 

Roulades are easier to roll, so can be filled before rolling up. They do usually crack when being rolled, but look attractive when dredged with icing sugar and decorated.

Use a big bowl for beating the egg whites as a beaten egg white can increase six to eight times its original volume.
Coffee liqueur can completely be avoided.
In the sponge and the filling, the dark chocolate can be replaced by the milk chocolate.

The decoration can also be done using chocolate-coated strawberries.

Can be served cold.


Its a pleasure to announce that I have been invited to link my chocolate
recipes with an event hosted by Full ScoopsTaste Of Tropics and also East

Do share your recipes as well!

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  1. Beulah Arun says:

    This looks deadly delicious! Thanks for linking it to my event. Do add the logo and give a link back.


  2. Sony P says:

    Looks absolutely stunning…….. tempting clicks!


  3. Absolute tempting and absolutely baked to perfection. Came over after seeing your comments on Sony's space. Lovely recipes. Following you on blogger and liked your fb page. Appreciate and thanks for the same.


  4. Thanks a lot Sony 🙂


  5. Thanks a lot dear and its been a pleasure… I added the link back and the logo… 🙂


  6. Its a pleasure to have you on my blog dear… Thanks a lot and I also loved your blog and fb page and even I am following you… keep in touch dear 🙂


  7. Wow ..beautiful blog …happy to note ..its awesome recipes…will keep visiting again and again (tempted) Heena Rathore….
    Devilsh chocolates looks soooooooo yemmy


  8. Thanks a lot Nalini Somayaji… I loved your blog as well… keep in touch 🙂


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