Simple Butter Cream Icing

If you are new to making butter cream it is best to start off with

a basic butter cream mix.

This recipe is an easy to make eggfree icing that works great for 

decorating cakes, cup cakes and cookies.

The flavor of this icing can be enhanced by using any type of 

essences or extracts.

While adding the essence or extract be sure that the flavor should 

go well with the type of cake/cookie you are using it for.

Also you can use gel food colors to give this icing a variety of 

I decorated a lot of butter cookies on Christmas last year.
I used red and green colors as they define the Christmas spirit perfectly. 
Here are some of the pictures…

Cookie Trees


Ginger-bread men
Cute little Christmas props

I know you can’t wait to try your hand at making such lil’ pretty things, so here’s the recipe…


Butter (softened): 250gm.

Icing Sugar (sifted): 450gm.

Milk: 60ml (1/4 cup)

    1.  Place the butter in a large mixing bowl.  
 2.  Beat with an electric beater for 2-3 minutes or until very 
    light and fluffy.
 3.  Gradually add the icing sugar and beat till the mixture

    becomes pale and fluffy.

 4. Now, gradually add milk and beat till smooth and well             

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  1. vishal says:

    Best cookies ever 🙂


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