Chocolate Walnut Fudge

For me fudge is the goodness of dark chocolate packed in little bundles of joy…
These little pieces just melt in your mouth and satisfy your cravings for “something sweet”.
If you are a chocolate lover (like me) then trust me this is going to be an excellent treat for your taste buds. And can be prepared in minutes!
This fudge is quite simple and easy to make. (As I try my best to simplify all the recipes)
Here’s the recipe…


                            Makes 36 pieces
Dark chocolate: 167g
Condensed milk: 94g
Butter, softened: 14g
Walnuts, chopped: 100g (or as per taste)
1.  Put the chocolate, condensed milk and butter in a heavy bottom pan on low heat. Stir them to melt.
2.  Add the chopped/crushed walnuts into the chocolate-condensed milk mixture and stir well to mix. Turn the heat off.
3.  Pour this mixture into a rectangular fudge/cake mould.
4.  Let the fudge cool, and refrigerate till set.
5.  Cut it into small pieces and keep in an airtight container in fridge.
Storage suggestion: Keep the fudge refrigerated, in an airtight
container. Its shelf life is 3 weeks.
Line the fudge mould with baking paper, so that it comes out easily.
Its a pleasure to announce that I have been invited to link my chocolate
recipes with an event hosted by Full ScoopsTaste Of Tropics and also East
Do share your recipes as well!

11 Comments Add yours

  1. vishal says:

    The reason for my health and endurance … Love them …Thank you love … ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Hello Heena, Your fudge is to die for. What a beauty. The pieces are so perfectly cut with walnuts peeping out. I can imagine the taste…..


  3. Awww… thanx a lot dadda… will make more 🙂


  4. Hi Namita… Thanks a lot. Do check the other recipes aswell… 😀
    By the way, your blog is just awesome and I love the breads that you make… 🙂


  5. beulaharun says:

    I tried this twice last week and both times it did not set at all and we ate it like a pudding! I followed the recipe from another blog and I used 1 tin condensed milk and 1.5 cups of chocolate. I don’t have a weighing scale yet, approximately how much would 189gms of condensed milk and 167gms of dark chocolate be?


    1. heenarathore says:

      How long did You give the fudge to stay in fridge. Did you tried keeping it in freezer? As it has quite a lot of chocolate so it has to set in any case unless the condensed milk was more than half the chocolate.
      In this recipe I did quite odd reduction of ingredients (divided the actual by 2.14).

      If you are willing to try again, then following is the exact measurements (also in cups):
      Dark chocolate: 350 g / 1+1/2 cup
      Condensed milk: 400 g tin of nestle milkmaid
      Butter: 30 g (a bit over 2 tbsp)
      150 grams walnuts: (1+ 1/4 cup)

      Give it atleast 2-3 hours in fridge, if still it doesn’t set then keep in freezer for an hour then cut them and then keep in fridge.

      Hope this helps 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. beulaharun says:

        I used the same measurements Heena, don’t know why it didn’t set. 1 tn condensed milk and 1.5 cups of dark choc. And when realized it was not going to set, I left it in the freezer overnight. I don’t know where I went wrong. I so badly want to take a piece off the screen and bite into it!!


      2. beulaharun says:

        I forgot to mention, I did not use butter. Could that be it or maybe I chopped too much of dark chocolate. so want to get this right! This is the goodness of dark chocolate in little bundles!


  6. beulaharun says:

    This looks absolutely delicious! So yum! Perfect cuts too!


    1. heenarathore says:

      Thanks a lot dear 🙂


  7. heenarathore says:

    I have also spoilt a lot of fudges… but this is the only recipe in which mine came out clean and nice.
    May be butter is the factor, but as far as I think it won’t make that big a difference.
    I am planning to make this fudge again on the weekend… Sunday…
    If you want I’ll send you the detailed pics and recipe.
    If in the meantime you try to make it again, visit
    That’s where I learnt it!
    Hope it helps 🙂
    Let me know how it came out 🙂


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