Pie and Tarts: Similarities and Differences

Since the time I started making Pie and Tarts, the question, how are tarts different from pies, has always been there in my mind.
After a lot of struggle I have found out a bit about this question.
I would love to share this with you and hope that you’ll get some help from this post.
First I’ll throw some light on the similarities between Pie and Tarts, as it’ll help us understand the differences better.


  • Pie and Tarts, both, can be open-faced or double crusted.
  • There are sweet and savory versions of both.
  • Both Pie and Tarts can be sweet or savory.
  • Both offer the opportunity for endless creativity.


  • The biggest difference between Pie and Tarts is obvious upon first glance. Pie is deep and Tarts are shallow. The significant difference is their crust.
  • Another major difference is the crust. The crust of Pie is thick and flaky, whereas, the crust of Tarts is a bit cookie like and generally thinner than that of Pie.
  • Pies are baked in a Pie-Plate and Tarts are baked in Tart-Rings or without a pan at all.
  • Pies always consists of a binding agent, such as flour but Tarts may or may not contain any binding agent.
  • Pies need quite a lot of filling, to be filled (given its deeper and also bigger in size). Whereas, Tarts need comparatively need less filling.
If you feel you have something more to share on this topic, feel free to share it with me through comments.

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