How to Melt Chocolate: Microwave Oven

Melting chocolate in microwave oven is far easier and mess-free than double boiler.

All you need to do is stir the chocolate every 10-15 seconds and you are done.

I prefer microwave over double boiler as it requires less utensils and also it saves the pain of being extra-careful with water.

In microwave oven there is not even the slightest possibility of water getting into the chocolate (until and unless you have a water sprinkler near your microwave!) and thus your chocolate will melt without being flawed.

The only thing that has to be taken care while melting chocolate in microwave oven is the overheating of chocolate which might burn the chocolate. But stirring chocolate every 10 seconds will never let you do that mistake.

Here I have used White Chocolate. Same steps are to be followed for melting Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.

Here is how to do it…
Things Needed:

Shea Butter (optional)
Serrated Knife
Microwave-proof Bowl
Spatula or Spoon


      1.   Cut chocolate into small pieces with the help of serrated knife.
      2.   Put the chopped chocolate in the microwave-proof bowl and add a bit of Shea butter.

      3.   Keep in the microwave and heat on low heat settings for about 1 minute, checking regularly and stirring the chocolate every 10 seconds.

      4.   Remove the chocolate from oven when only a few soft lumps remain.

      5.   Stir/temper it nicely for about a minute or two.

      6.   Use it as per requirement.


      1.   Do not overheat the chocolate.

      2.   Temper the chocolate nicely as it gives the chocolate a beautiful shine.

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