Carrot-Beetroot Juice

I am juice lover. I prefer juices over any aerated drinks or sodas. And nothing can be compared to fresh juices, especially not the preserved ones. Having the packaged juices is actually of no good use as all the natural nutrients get destroyed.

Getting a juicer is all it takes to make the process of making juice easy and light. One can also make juice without a juicer in a mixer grinder in the big jar but then it adds an extra task of straining the juice.

After an hour of workout the only thing I crave for is a glass of Carrot-Beetroot Juice. Thanks to Vishal, as he makes sure that I always get one after my jogging and Zumba sessions. It’s really easy to make and tastes great.

It’s not only good for digestive system but also works wonders for skin. It gives a natural glow and believe it or not, gives you a fairer skin tone.
I can go on and on about this wonder juice as it has endless list of benefits. So try having this juice for more than a week and see the difference yourself.

To enjoy all the benefits of any juice drink it as soon as you make it.

Here’s the recipe…


Carrot- 7-8 (Big)
Beetroot- 1-1½
Lime Juice- ½ lemon
Honey (optional)


      1.   Wash carrots and beetroot and peel their skin.

      2.   Cut them in appropriate size a) Juicer: according to the opening of juicer or b) Mixer: small cubes.

      3.   Switch on the juicer/mixer and juice/grind.

      4.   If using mixer strain the juice.

      5.   Add cold water if you want to make the juice thin. (I like to keep the juices quite thick.)

      6.   Add lime juice and honey or sugar as per your taste.

      7.   Serve as soon as you’ve made it.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Harini M says:

    Looks yum,so vibrant,nice space,visit mine sometime


  2. Refreshing carrot beetroot juice…Love the color dear !!


  3. Thank you Harini… I also loved your blog…Happy to fallow you 🙂


  4. healthy refreshing juice.


  5. Sony P says:

    Healthy and refreshing juice……. Love it!!


  6. Thanks a lot dear 🙂


  7. pria says:

    Hi Heena , happy to get connected with you , you too have a lovely space, and the juice looks so good, great combo with carrot and beets, you really reminded of my zumba days :)Happy blogging and stay in touch.


  8. Thanks a lot Priya and to be honest, the pleasure is all mine :)stay connected 🙂


  9. Beulah Arun says:

    Wow, this is too good!


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