Hands-On Pasta Workshop At FreshBakes Culinary Studio

I’d been waiting to learn pasta for a long time now and, finally, I was able to do it this month! It was an amazing experience to be doing something that I’d wanted to do for a long, long time! I’d like to thank Rupali Zurale, owner of FreshBakes Culinary Studio, for teaching such amazingly traditional recipes which were not only tasty and easy to understand, but also 100% reproducible. After the class in the last one month, I’ve already made some of the recipes 3-4 times and have now started modifying them as per our (hubby and my) preferences and tastes.

Following are the pictures of some of the preparations that we did int he workshop:

And these are the ready dishes that we all got to enjoy at the end (we even took some home!)

Making pasta is nothing short of an adventure everytime you do it. The planning, the entire process, the hard work and the patience that goes into making pasta is, in the end, well worth it when you see your loved ones digging into the delights of a freshly made pasta with big smiles on their faces.

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