French Bread Loaf

Hello foodies! I’ve been away from this blog for around 8 months and I can’t explain in words how much I missed posting recipes here. I’ve tried a lot of stuff in these 8 months and I’ve tried to click most of those experiments. Today, I’m here with a really simple recipe for French Bread.

Oatmeal Walnut Cookies

I’ve been away from The Baking Bud since last 2 months. Finally I’ve started baking again. All the reading and reviewing leaves me drained out and incapable of being able to stand in the kitchen and bake. If I’m not posting anything here, then you’ll find me at my book blog The Reading Bud.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies are traditional, easy-to-make and delightful indulgence. These cookies are really easy to make. The recipe I use is very basic and gives superb results everytime.

Lemon Koulourakia: Greek Easter Cookies

Hello all! As Easter is around the corner everyone is busy with the preps. This year I thought of making a new Easter traditional recipe along with Easter Eggs.

Oat Cookies

Hello friends. This post is going to be revolutionary because starting from this post I am going to keep the write-ups minimum for recipe posts. The reason being my new blog The Reading Bud. I’ll be investing quite a lot of time posting there. So from now, my posts are going to be short and sweet…

Double Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Hello all the chocolate lovers! I am back with some real chocolate treat. Double Chocolate-Chip Cookies. These cookies are the best cookies that can ever be made or had! These cookies are not too tough or not too soft, they are just perfect.

My First Guest-Post

Hi friends today is a big day for me as my first guest-post got published today in Fullscoops by Beulah Arun. I would like to thank Beulah, for giving me an opportunity to do my first guest-post for her wonderful and unique blog.

Chocolate Pretzels

Chocolate Pretzels can be defined as a light biscuit with subtle flavour of chocolate. These can be enjoyed alone or with chocolate sauce. You can give them any shape, as what really matters is the soft and light chocolate flavour. You can enjoy them with any beverage or like a dessert (with ice-cream and chocolate sauce)…

Coffee-Walnut Cake with Coffee Ganache Frosting

On this special day of International Women’s Day, I would like to share with you all a recipe that is quite especial to me.   Coffee-Walnut Cake with Coffee Ganache Frosting… This recipe is all that anyone can ever want. It has the subtle taste of coffee, extraordinary crunch of walnuts and a punch of…

Red-Velvet Cup-Cakes

Red velvet cup cakes are an outstanding treat not only for your taste buds but also for your eyes. I fell in love with these cup-cakes instantly while making them for the very first time at home.  I love the idea of how well the cream cheese frosting compliments the natural taste of these beautiful…

Strawberry Short Cake

What better way to re-live the memories of childhood and youth, than strawberry shortcake… Strawberry shortcake basically consists of sliced strawberries that have been infused with sugar and whipped cream served over a cake or biscuit. I prefer strawberry shortcake made with a biscuit.  We love to eat strawberry short cakes during the summer months….

Butter Cookies

If you think that chocolate-chip cookies are the best cookies, then take out some time and try these simple butter cookies! Trust me you’ll be amazed by the taste of these plain and simple cookies.  My hubby loves oats cookies and choco-chip cookies and so I make them over and over again. I really wanted…