Coffee-Walnut Cake with Coffee Ganache Frosting

On this special day of International Women’s Day, I would like to share with you all a recipe that is quite especial to me.
Coffee-Walnut Cake with Coffee Ganache Frosting… This recipe is all that anyone can ever want. It has the subtle taste of coffee, extraordinary crunch of walnuts and a punch of flavourful coffee ganache frosting.
I like to have a piece of this special cake with a cup of hot and strong coffee in the balcony on my wooden swing. And the peace that I feel is just indescribable. I feel positive and my mind reaches a level where I can sit without thinking or worrying about anything…
It’s just glorious and I really hope that you will also enjoy it the way I do.
Here’s the recipe…
Self-Raising Flour: 150g
Butter, softened: 125g
Light Brown Sugar: 125g
Eggs: 2
Walnuts, toasted and chopped: 40g
Strong Coffee: 100ml
         ·   Instant Coffee Powder: 20g (I used Nescafe)
         ·   Warm Water/Milk: 180ml (I used water)
Coffee Ganache Frosting:
        ·    Chocolate-Walnut Ganache: 200g (click here for recipe.)
        ·    Double Cream: 2 Cups
Walnut Halves: 8
Chocolate or coffee sticks: 8 (I used Cappuccino Sticks)
Butter Paper Stripes: 8-9
Cocoa Powder / Drinking Chocolate: 2 tbsp
         1.    Pre-heat oven at 180°and line the baking tin.
         2.    Cream butter and sugar till pale, light and fluffy.
         3.    Add egg one by one while beating.
         4.    Add sifted flour in 4 batches and beat on low speed.
         5.    Add 3/4th of the coffee liquid and beat till well incorporated.
         6.    Fold in the walnuts.
         7.    Put the mixture in the lined baking tin.
         8.    Bake for about 25-30 minutes or until golden brown and the inserted stick comes out clean.
         9.    Keep on a wire rack and let it cool.
-Coffee Ganache Frosting:
         1.    Beat double cream until it becomes fluffy and forms soft peaks.
         2.    Add half Chocolate-Coffee Ganache and beat till nicely incorporated.
         3.    Add the rest of the ganache and beat again.
         1.    Divide the cake in two equal layers (I used a thread for dividing.)
         2.    Take the left 1/4th coffee liquid and dissolve 2 tsp sugar in it.
         3.    Soak both the layers of cake in this sweet coffee liquid with the help of a pastry brush.
         4.    Add 1-2 tbsp of Coffee Ganache Frosting and do crumb-coating of both the layers and refrigerate separately.
         5.    Take out the first layer and cover the top portion with a neat and generous layer of frosting. Keep in the fridge again.
         6.    Remove the first frosted layer and keep the second layer upside down on it and cover nicely with the frosting.
         7.    Use a palette knife to make the surface smooth.
         1.    Put the walnuts and the sticks as shown below.
         2.    Arrange the butter paper stripes in any way you want and sprinkle cocoa powder/drinking chocolate evenly with a strainer.
         1.    If using milk for preparing the coffee add 10 gm extra instant coffee powder.
         2.    Keeping the frosting-coated cake layers in fridge ensures stability of the coat. It makes the second coat mess-free.
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Strawberry Short Cake

What better way to re-live the memories of childhood and youth, than strawberry shortcake…
Strawberry shortcake basically consists of sliced strawberries that have been infused with sugar and whipped cream served over a cake or biscuit. I prefer strawberry shortcake made with a biscuit. 
We love to eat strawberry short cakes during the summer months.
Here’s the recipe…

All purpose flour: 1 cup
Baking powder: ½tbsp
Sugar: 1½ tbsp
Butter: 57g
Fresh cream: ¼ cup + 1 tbsp
Strawberries: 2 cups
Sugar: 2 tbsp
Whipping cream: 1 cup


        1.   Wash the berries in cold water and drain well.

        2.   Chop ½of the berries finely and the rest ½ into bite sized cubes.

        3.   Mash the finely chopped berries and mix them with the bite sized ones in a bowl.


        4.   Add sugar to this and mix well.

      5.   Keep them for 1 hour in room temperature.

        6.      Whip the cream in a bowl with 1 tbsp sugar, till soft peaks form and keep in the fridge.

        1.   Preheat the oven to 210O C.
      2.   In a bowl take flour, baking powder and sugar and mix them.

      3.   Add butter to the mixture and mix with your finger tips until the mixture gets a coarse texture (somewhat like bread crumbs). There will be some pea-sized chunks of butter left in the mixture.
        4.   Make a well in the center of the mixture and add cream to it.

      5.   Stir in the cream with a fork just until the mixture becomes moist. (The dough will not hold together nicely at this stage).
        6.   Keep the dough cling-wrapped in the fridge for a minute or two.

      7.   Keep the dough on a lightly floured surface.

      8.   Knead it only for 2-3 times, until it holds together.

       9.   Gently pat the dough and cut into biscuits with a round cutter.

    10.   Transfer to the oven tray and bake for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown.

      11.    Remove from the oven and split each biscuit in two horizontal halves with serrate knife.

     12.    Lightly butter the halves and keep in a wire rack as they are ready to be filled.
     1.   Take 1-2 tbsp of strawberry mixture (according to the size of biscuits) and spread it on the bottom half of the biscuit.
     2.   Take 1 tbsp of cream and put a dollop of cream on the strawberry mixture.
     3.   Keep the top half of the biscuit on the cream and press lightly, so as to spread the cream a bit.
     4.   Top with 2-3 bite sized strawberries from mixture and a bit of cream.
     5.   Repeat for other biscuits.
     1.   The strawberry mixture and cream can be served separately in small bowls , so that everyone can add them according to their taste.
     2.   I have kept the biscuits thin because my family loves the overpowering taste of the strawberry mixture. You can make them thick and big.
     3.   You try these scones/biscuits with sugar infused pineapple as well (same as strawberry).

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Devilish Chocolate Roulade

As the name suggests, this chocolate roulade is a sinful indulgence.

Its a double dose of dark chocolate, as the sponge as well as the filling both are made of dark chocolate.
Its one of my husbands favorite and is a must try!
Devilish Chocolate Roulade
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Ingredients :                                    

                                                        SERVES 6-8

   175g dark chocolate, chopped into small pieces
   4 eggs, separated
   115g/1/2 cup caster sugar
   cocoa powder for dusting
   chocolate-dipped oranges to decorate
For the filling
   225g dark chocolate, chopped into small pieces
   20ml/1+1/2tbsp coffee liqueur 
   2 eggs, separated 


Step:1  Preheat the oven to 180°C. Grease and line a 33*23cm/13*19in Swiss roll tin.
Step:2  Melt the chocolate.
Step:3  Whisk the egg yolks and caster sugar in a bowl, until pale and thick, then stir in the melted chocolate.
Step:4  Take the egg whites in another bowl and whisk to soft peaks.
Step:5  Fold the whisked egg whites lightly into the egg yolk and chocolate mixture.
Step:6  Pour the entire mixture into the tin and spread it nicely to the corners.
Step:7  Bake for 15-20 minutes, until well-risen and firm to the touch.
Step:8  Cut out a butter-paper bigger than the Swiss roll tin and dust it with cocoa powder.
Step:9  When the sponge is baked, turn it out on to the dusted butter-paper, cover with a clean dishtowel and leave to cool.
Step:10 Make the filling – Melt the chocolate with the coffee liqueur. Beat the egg yolks together and then beat in the melted chocolate. Beat the egg whites to soft peaks, separately. Fold in lightly the whisked egg yolks into the egg-yolk and chocolate mixture.
Step:11 Uncover the roulade and remove the butter-paper. Spread the chocolate mixture over the top, then roll up carefully.
Step:12 Transfer to a serving plate and decorate with some fresh chocolate-dipped oranges. Drizzle some chocolate sauce over the roulade.

Roulades are based on a whisked egg mixture and contain very little or no flour, and are moister and softer than Swiss rolls. 

Roulades are easier to roll, so can be filled before rolling up. They do usually crack when being rolled, but look attractive when dredged with icing sugar and decorated.

Use a big bowl for beating the egg whites as a beaten egg white can increase six to eight times its original volume.
Coffee liqueur can completely be avoided.
In the sponge and the filling, the dark chocolate can be replaced by the milk chocolate.

The decoration can also be done using chocolate-coated strawberries.

Can be served cold.


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