Oatmeal Walnut Cookies

I’ve been away from The Baking Bud since last 2 months. Finally I’ve started baking again. All the reading and reviewing leaves me drained out and incapable of being able to stand in the kitchen and bake. If I’m not posting anything here, then you’ll find me at my book blog The Reading Bud.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies are traditional, easy-to-make and delightful indulgence. These cookies are really easy to make. The recipe I use is very basic and gives superb results everytime. Continue reading “Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Lemon Koulourakia: Greek Easter Cookies

Hello all! As Easter is around the corner everyone is busy with the preps. This year I thought of making a new Easter traditional recipe along with Easter Eggs.

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Oat Cookies

Hello friends. This post is going to be revolutionary because starting from this post I am going to keep the write-ups minimum for recipe posts. The reason being my new blog The Reading Bud. I’ll be investing quite a lot of time posting there. So from now, my posts are going to be short and sweet and to the point, the point being RECIPES! If you are interested in “reading” then I recommend you to visit my other blog. It’s full of writing. That said let’s begin with my first to-the-point post…

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Double Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Hello all the chocolate lovers! I am back with some real chocolate treat. Double Chocolate-Chip Cookies. These cookies are the best cookies that can ever be made or had! These cookies are not too tough or not too soft, they are just perfect. Continue reading “Double Chocolate-Chip Cookies”

Chocolate Pretzels

Chocolate Pretzels can be defined as a light biscuit with subtle flavour of chocolate.
These can be enjoyed alone or with chocolate sauce.
You can give them any shape, as what really matters is the soft and light chocolate flavour.
You can enjoy them with any beverage or like a dessert (with ice-cream and chocolate sauce)
Hope you will like them.
Here’s the recipe…
All-Purpose Flour: 150g
Cocoa Powder: 25g
Butter, softened: 115g
Caster Sugar: 115g
Egg, lightly beaten: 1
Egg White of 1 egg for brushing and some sugar crystals for sprinkling.


       1.    Preheat the oven to 190°and grease 2 baking sheets.
       2.    Sift flour and cocoa-powder together and keep aside.
       3.    Cream butter and sugar till pale, light and fluffy.
       4.    add the egg and beat till well incorporated.
       5.    Add flour and cocoa-powder in 3 batches while beating.
       6.    Gather the dough into a ball and refrigerate for an hour in an air-tight container.
       7.    Roll out the dough into 28 equal sized balls.
       8.    Roll each ball into a rope and arrange it and give the shape of a pretzel.
       9.    Place on the greased baking sheets and brush the pretzels with egg white.
 10.   Sprinkle sugar on top of them and bake for 10-12 minutes.


 11.   Transfer to a wire rack to cool.


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Chocolate-Oreo Bombs

Chocolate-Oreo Bombs are truly of heavenly flavours. The cream cheese makes the Oreo filling gooey and delicious.

Chocolate-Oreo Bombs are real easy and take very less time to make. These divine bombs leave everyone asking for more and more.

The best part of making these bombs is that this recipe requires only 3 ingredients!

Chocolate-Oreo Bombs are a blissful combination of Chocolate Crème Oreo cookies, cream cheese and dark chocolate.

Here’s the recipe:


Chocolate Crème Oreo Cookies: 13
Cream Cheese: 25 g
Dark Chocolate: 80 g


1.    Take 10 Oreo cookies and put them in a zip lock bag. Bash them with a rolling pin so that you get nice medium crumbs of the cookies.
2.    Take rest of the three cookies and split open all three of them. With a knife scrape the chocolate crème in each and add it to the crushed Oreo cookies.
3.    Grind these three cookies in a grinder to get super-fine crumbs.
4.    Add cream cheese to the medium crushed cookies and mix nicely to obtain a rough dense dough.
5.    Make 10 equal sized balls and keep them in fridge for some time.

6.    Melt the dark chocolate and dip all the balls one by one and keep on a plate lined with butter-paper.
7.    Sprinkle the fine Oreo crumbs on the bombs.


           1.    For the dough, crush Oreo cookies in the plastic bag only with a rolling pin  and not in a grinder otherwise they will lose the crunchy texture.
           2.    Keep the Oreo and cream cheese dough balls in fridge for a good amount of time otherwise they will break while dipping in the melted chocolate.


Its a pleasure to announce that I have been invited to link my chocolate
recipes with an event hosted by Full ScoopsTaste Of Tropics and also East

Do share your recipes as well!