Stir Fried Baby Corn

Hello, foodies! I’m back with an exciting recipe that’ll blow your socks off. It is quick and so delicious that you’ll be left craving for more.

This recipe of Stir Fried Baby Corn is my take on the classic stir-fry recipes (which are countless.) If you want to make Stir Fried Chicken then all you need to do is replace baby corns with chicken (just remember to boil chicken for 2-3 whistles instead of 1.)

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Fried King Fish

I am a bit choosy when it comes to fish and prefer the fish to be perfectly cooked. And this is one of those few fish dishes I absolutely love. Usually fish is marinated and kept overnight in order to enhance the flavors. But this Fish Fry is marinated only for 2 hours and tastes great.

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Lamb Cutlets

These lamb cutlets are a developed and modified version of my mother’s lamb kebabs. When you eat these cutlets, first of all you feel the crispiness of the coating and a moment later, the entire filling of lamb just melts into your mouth and you are left oozing over their splendid taste.

The smell of these cutlets reminds me of my mother’s love and her cooking. When I was a kid I used to be super obsessed with these and hated to share them with anyone.

I hope you’ll enjoy them as well.
Here’s the recipe…
Lamb Mince: 500 gm
Split Bengal Gram: 100 gm
Garlic: 4-5 cloves (peeled and cut)
Ginger: 1” piece (peeled and cut)
Green Chilli: 2-3 (cut)
Coriander: hand full
Black Pepper Corns: 3-4
Cloves: 3-4
Black Cardamom: 1(peeled)
Cinnamon: 1/2″ piece
Star Anise: 1/2 star
Red Chilli Powder: 1 tsp (optional)
Salt: As per taste.
Water: Cup
Bread (for crumbs): 2 Toasted Breads (I used brown breads)
Egg: 1
Oil for shallow frying.
      1.  Take lamb mince, split bengal gram, ginger, garlic, cloves, pepper corns, star anise, green chillis, coriander, black cardamom, cinnamon stick and salt in a bowl and mix well.

      2.  Put the above mixture in a pressure cooker and add water.
      3.  Give 4-5 whistles on medium flame and let the cooker cool down on its own.

      4.  Take the above mixture and grind it in a mixer. (Don’t add water).

      5.  Add red chilli powder and mix nicely.
      6.  Make flat oval shapes and keep them in fridge for 15 minutes.

      1.  Toast the breads in toaster on 6 (or on gas till they become hard) and grind them coarsely in a mixer. Keep the bread crumbs in a flat plate.
      2.  Beat the egg in a separate bowl and add a pinch of salt and beat it lightly. Keep aside.
     1.  Take out the cutlets from fridge and dip them in the beaten egg.
     2.  Roll the above cutlet in bread crumbs and keep aside.

     3.  Heat oil for shallow frying in a flat pan/tawa on medium flame.
     4.  Keep the coated cutlets on the pan and cook on either side till golden brown in color.

Serving Tips:
                          i.  These cutlets taste great with coriander chutney or tomato ketchup.
                        ii.   Serve them along with well-toasted and buttered breads. 
I have linked this recipe to Fabulous Feast Friday

Cheese Chilli Toast

Cheese Chilli Toast is one of the quickest and yummiest recipe that you can enjoy with you loved ones.Its is quick and easy to make and can be served in the breakfast or as an evening snack.

I make these cheesy and crisp toasts in my oven but if you don’t have one you can make these by toasting it on a flat bottom pan (tawa) or in the toaster. But you can’t expect the same results as oven because the cheese melts and get its lovely golden brown color in oven only.

This recipe can be altered according to your taste and can be made with any type of bread (white bread/whole wheat bread or multi-grain bread).

You can even make Cheese Chilli Sandwich. Just grill or toast the sandwich in a sandwich maker.

Serve these cheesy toasts with Chilli Tomato Sauce and a chilled fruit juice and see the magic… It really can’t get better than this…
Here’s the recipe…

Makes 6 big triangles or 12 bite sized triangles.

Sandwich Bread Slices: 3

Butter:  ½ tsp

Mozzarella Cheese* (grated): 85g
*Note: you can use any cheese and can alter the quantity as per taste.

Onions (finely chopped): 1big

Capsicum (Any color): 1 (I have used ½ Red and ½ Yellow)

Green Chillis (finely chopped): 1-2

Red Chilli Powder:  ¼ tsp

      1.    Pre-heat the oven to 1800C
      2.    In a pan take butter and let it heat up. Add onion and capsicum and sauté on medium flame for 3-4 minutes.

      3.    Put this onion and capsicum mixture in another bowl and add cheese, green chillis and red chilli powder. Mix nicely.

      4.    Spread this mixture evenly over the bread slices.

      5.    Place these slices on a wire grill and keep it in the center rack position.

      6.    Toast at 1800 Cfor 5 minutes or till golden brown.

      7.    Remove using tongs and cut them into desired slices while still hot.


     1.   Salt is not needed as cheese itself balances the taste but if needed, you can add some.

     2.    Do not over toast the breads otherwise they’ll get very hard and the cheese will burn.

     3.    Ginger can also be added to butter (in step 2) to enhance the flavor.