Hello Friends , you all are welcome to The The Baking Bud to send your recipes.

Non bloggers this is one opportunity for you all to get your recipes published on this blog with photographs .

Bloggers can send me the recipes and then add a link to their blogs directing to the guest-post published by this blog.

I will be very happy to post your guest-post on my blog .

If you are interested, drop in a mail at

Guest-Posts by The Baking Bud:

  1. Apple-Pie Tartlets –> Fullscoops —-> Beulah Arun
  2. Veg Coleslaw Sandwich —-> Just Not The Cakes —-> Shey Divine

Guest-Posts by others for The Baking Bud:

  1. Beulah Arun —-> Fullscoops —-> Andhra Chicken Masala

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