The Sunshine Award!

I had a pleasant surprise this week, as Jacquie from Good Food Seeking, nominated me for the Sunshine award. Thank you, Jacquie for nominating me. I am truly honored and grateful! If you haven’t already, please check out her blog; I’m sure you’ll love it. I always look forward to what she might post next!

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Double Chocolate-Chip Cookies

Hello all the chocolate lovers! I am back with some real chocolate treat. Double Chocolate-Chip Cookies. These cookies are the best cookies that can ever be made or had! These cookies are not too tough or not too soft, they are just perfect. Continue reading “Double Chocolate-Chip Cookies”

Guest-Post #1: Veg Coleslaw Sandwich

I am really happy to be writing for Sharanya aka +Shey divine . She is a very talented and a professional blogger and her blog Just Not The Cakes was an instant inspiration for me to take blogging seriously. Continue reading “Guest-Post #1: Veg Coleslaw Sandwich”

Mud-Apple Milkshake

Deliciously sweet, this tropical fruit is easy to digest and provides your body with a complete dose of vitamin C and vitamin A. Mud-Apple is packed with vitamins, minerals and many health benefiting anti-oxidants. Continue reading “Mud-Apple Milkshake”

Spinach Puree |How to Blanch Spinach

Happy Spinach Day! I feel like this day should be better known as Popeye’s Day. As I am a huge fan of Popeye, I blanched spinach for soup for my Popeye (Vishal) on this day. So my post for today is going to be How to Blanch Spinach.

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White Sauce

White sauce is one sauce that everyone should really know about. It is the most basic and simple sauce and is used as a base for a lot of sauces. White sauce is known as Béchamel Sauce. Continue reading “White Sauce”

Andhra Chicken Masala: A guest post by Beulah

Today is a special day for me as I am featuring the first guest post on my blog today. I am really very happy to feature one of my extra-talented blogger friend’s guest post on my blog… Beulah Arun who blogs at Fullscoops. Continue reading “Andhra Chicken Masala: A guest post by Beulah”