Spinach Puree |How to Blanch Spinach

Happy Spinach Day! I feel like this day should be better known as Popeye’s Day. As I am a huge fan of Popeye, I blanched spinach for soup for my Popeye (Vishal) on this day. So my post for today is going to be How to Blanch Spinach.

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White Sauce

White sauce is one sauce that everyone should really know about. It is the most basic and simple sauce and is used as a base for a lot of sauces. White sauce is known as Béchamel Sauce. Continue reading “White Sauce”

Andhra Chicken Masala: A guest post by Beulah

Today is a special day for me as I am featuring the first guest post on my blog today. I am really very happy to feature one of my extra-talented blogger friend’s guest post on my blog… Beulah Arun who blogs at Fullscoops. Continue reading “Andhra Chicken Masala: A guest post by Beulah”

Coconut Truffles

Coconut is such a treat when combined with chocolate and Coconut Truffles have always been my favourite. These truffles are easy to make and will make your taste buds tickle.These truffles are one of the easiest truffles and makes people wonder about how you made them in such a short time. Continue reading “Coconut Truffles”

Apple-Beet-Carrot Juice

Hello friends… I am writing after a long time as I was a bit busy with guests and our new car.

It’s been a tiring week and I thought the best post for now will be another amazing juice, so here I am with a juice that is actually called Miracle Drink… The Apple-Beet-Carrot juice, also know as ABC juice. Continue reading “Apple-Beet-Carrot Juice”

My First Guest-Post

Hi friends today is a big day for me as my first guest-post got published today in Fullscoops by Beulah Arun.

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Beginning of an Italian affair

Hi dear readers, fellow bloggers and chefs!
This post is dedicated to the Italian Cookery Classes I attended yesterday, 12th March’2014.
Since a month or two I was getting very curious about exploring the Italian Cooking, but because of lack of knowledge of this cuisine was hesitant to start with some serious recipes. For me Italian cuisine is not about just cooking but also about an undefined art and generous love for food. Italians handle their foods with such a respect that mere seeing them cooking gives me goosebumps. And this undefined form of art is the real reason for my curiousness for this marvelous cuisine.
I knew I really needed a good amount of pushing for starting with Italian cooking. Finally I was informed about this class by a friend. Vishal gave the push I needed and here I am sharing what I learnt there…
his class was organized by Hyatt Regency’s La Terrazza. It was a 1 day class and we were taught 4 dishes. A lot additional knowledge was also given.
Things I learnt:
Faro Salad
Spinach and Ricotta Crespelle with Gorgonzola sauce.
Fettuccine in Creamy Pesto Sauce
Chicken Milanese
The chefs were kind enough to teach the following things as well:
How to make crepes from scratch
How to make fresh pasta at home
Testing pasta to be Al-Dante
Pesto Sauce from scratch
How to cut chicken steaks perfectly
How to make a dressing with Balsamic vinegar
Different types of cheese and also various substitutes
It was one hell of a class. I thoroughly enjoyed it and next time I am going to make sure that Vishal also attends such classes with me…
If at all Hyatt organizes similar classes in your city, try not to miss it. They are worth every penny.
I am really happy and now finally I can start experimenting with Italian food.
Will share all the recipes as an when I master them myself!
Have a great day 🙂

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